Thursday, October 12, 2006


Here are some photos from the Paragliding trip near Sarsai, Manali. The Paragliding started at an altitude of 2500 meters and ended at 1600 meters approximately.

Photo Credit: Snowbird Adventures

1: Run off the cliff
Photo Credit: Snowbird Adventures

0: Take Off
Photo Credit: Snowbird Adventures

Enjoying the Ride

Way up in the sky is that a bird ?: No !! that is Nathalie.
If you look very carefully, you can see Nat's Paraglider in the top left corner of the photo.

Air Borne: Nathalie enjoying the paraglide, at this point I could hear her screams.

Landing: The chute landing few meters away from its supposed landing space where I was standing waiting to take the pictures.

The Chute, The Girl and The Guide who landed the paraglider.


Blogger anu said...

Hello :)

I love your blog and your pictures. It just made me SMILE :)

You seemed to have had a wonderful stay in India. Perhaps I shall take some tips from you when I travel next :)

Thanks so much for sharing yourself through your marvellous notes.

7:06 am  

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