Friday, September 29, 2006

From Delhi to Manali

Journey from Delhi where the group landed in India to Manali (Our base in the Himalayas for the adventure activities of the group).

Flight from Canada to India was the longest flight ever for most of the people in the group. It varied from 20 to 24 hours with one stop in Europe. To escape the chaos and heat of Delhi, after 18 hours of our landing, we boarded on a 17 hours bus ride to Manali. It was an always winding road. Manali at an altitude of 2000 meters was a fantastic place and despite such a tiring journey, it was great to be there and we felt alive and sooo full of energy.

0907 - Smiling in Terror: Trying to smile while being terrorized by the traffic in the crazy Auto Rick ride of New Delhi.

0907 - First day in Delhi: Enjoying the fine and authentic South Indian Cusine in Delhi. My friend from Leh (Spalgon) also joined us for the lunch.
0908 - Second Day in India (Longest Bus Ride) : After the longest flight in the lives of most of the people in the group (20 to 24 hours with one stop in Europe), we boarded on the longest bus ride of our lives, 575 kms in 17 hours.

0908-Severely jet lagged Chris. Chris displaying his ability to sleep pretty much anywhere. (In the balcony of Vashistha Cottage in Manali.) We had an excellent view of the Manali valley from this location.

Vashishta Cottage and Hotel Manali Continental: Group's base for trekking in Indian Himalayas. (I would highly recommend this place for anybody visiting Manali for the excellent hospitality and homely atmosphere offered over there).

0909 - Mouth watering authentic local Supper and Drinks (from Kullu Region) that the group enjoyed, courtesy of our hosts at Manali.

0911- Group shot with our hosts at Manali: Few moments before we left for a 4 day jeep safari from Manali to Leh.

Splendid view from the Vashistha Cottage in Manali
(Photo Credit: Raju)

NO COMMENTS: Main road in Manali. Life is full of surprises in India. BTW this was a nomad taking his herd from the higher reaches of the Himalayas to his winter residence in Punjab.


Blogger riclopes said...

Thanks for the images Sarju.
I look forward to join you in the Himalayas.
That place in Manali, looks great!

2:11 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

love to read here, very nice old memories.

6:56 am  

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