Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fantastic Trek .... but when will it stop raining in Dsala

I am in Dharamsala now where it has been raining continously for the past two days. Well there are periods when it drizzels and when there is a heavy downpour, but it never stops raining ... this is Monsoons my friends. I am just staying at my friends house and enjoying good food and above all I am recuperating from my last trek that was kind of pretty demanding. For those of you who do not know, Dharamsala is famous as Dalai Lama stays here. This place is surrounded by mountains on the three sides so it gets incessant rainfall during the monsoons.

The trek that I completed yesterday from Lahaul Valley to Bharmour was fantastic.

1. I crossed two high altitude passes (5040 mt. and 4750 meters).
2. Experienced heavy snowfall and snowstorm while crossing the second high altititude pass.
3. Stayed in the natural caves in the mountains on three nights. Stayed with Nomads, watched many ethnic ceremonies (one of them in which they sacrificed 20 sheeps for the gods). On one of the nights I also stayed in a a very psychedelic temple of Kelang and got some very interesting pictures (sorry no pics of the sheeps being sacrificed as the photography was prohibited over there).

Overall it was a fantasitic trek and I loved it, but I am happy that it is over ... :-) Eventually I will try to process my photos and give you guys more info about the people I met on this trek, the ceremonies I experienced and above all the fantastic places I visited. Till than ... Ciao !!!!


Blogger riclopes said...

Still waiting for "fantastic" images and details of your treckings for October!
I know that you problably don't want anything with this "stupid box", right now...but can't you manage to give us something?

11:06 am  

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