Thursday, October 12, 2006

Traditional House in Spituk & Ladakh Festival

On reaching Leh, we decided to stay at my friend Spalgon's tradtional house in Spituk instead of staying in the touristic Leh (Spituk is 10 km from Leh). Our host family in Spituk was very friendly and nice as they let us stay in their almost 100 year old traditional house. There was no running water in the traditonal house and just to get some water to drink we had to come down this hillock, but the feeling of being so lucky to stay in such an old house was awesome and all of us were very happy and felt honoured.

From 1st to 15th Sept was a Ladakh Festival at Leh. We managed to reach Leh on Sept 14 just in time to experience the festivities of the last day. The festival was a cultural extravaganza that showcased cultural dances and shows from different parts of Ladakh.

Spituk: 10 km from Leh, we stayed in this small village along the river Indus.

Jigmet: Grandaughter of our host at Togochay house.
She was very comfortable with my camera and very photogenic also.

Gompa: Monastery within the traditional Ladakhi house we stayed in at Spituk.

Kitchen: Traditional Ladakhi kitchen of our hosts at Spituk.

Star Trails: Captured this star trail from the rooftop of the house in Spituk.


@ Ladakh Festival: This was at Polo ground in Leh where Ladakh festival was going on. The big muddy building in the background is Leh Palace

Ladkhi Dancers in their Traditional dresses

Leh Palace and the Mosque: Although Ladakh is predominantly Buddhist, there are some areas where Muslim presence can be felt.

ICI On Parle .... ? .. Yes, some of us were sooo very happy to read that sign.

Veg Burger: It was more of some vegetables stuffed between two Rotis (traditional indian thing that some people call bread)... but Pat loved it neways ... :-)))

Leh Town: As viewed from Shanti Stupa

Dancing to the rhythm at Shanti Stupa: Indian and Spanish women creating some sort of crazy fusion of dances.


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