Saturday, August 12, 2006

In my Element now

Finally I have reached the mountains that i love soo much. The monsoons have still not subsided and it is still raining over here, but I am not complaining as I love the show of clouds in the mountains. Here are some photos to let you guys know that I am in my element now. Yes, I am very happy as I am doing what I like to do the most i.e. trekking in the Himalayas.

Vertigo: Look at the vertical drop beyond me in this photo (It was a drop of 800 meters). Lush greeen meadows, clouds on the mountains, fresh himalayan air, spring water to drink and bathe, beautiful people to photograph .... can life get better than this?

The Photographer: In Action :-) ... This is my new baby ... The 30D

Offering Alcohol to Gods: Thats me offering some alcohol to the Gods in a small temple after crossing a moutain pass successfully (It was an "Old Monk" Rum.)

Seduction: I love travelling in the Himalayas during the monsoons. I love the way cloud/fog seems to be seducing the mountains in the background.

Watchman and my mate: Thats me along with the watchman of the guest house we stayed in, and my mate Lovey from Delhi


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