Friday, August 04, 2006

Its been Ten days

Lots of things have been happening at my end.

BANK ACCOUNT: After coming to India, I had put all of my money in ICICI bank where they had assured that my account will be activated in three days, well it has been ten days now and I still can't access the money in my account as my account has not been activated. Luckily for me I borrowed some money from my friends so I am okay. I also opened another bank account in the SBI today. SBI is a governement run bank where things move slowly but are much more safer and cheaper than private bank like ICICI. I hope things will get sorted out in the near future.

HEALTH: I am sick my friends, I have got stomach problems as I had been eating food with too much of chillies and I also got some flu as I had been spending considerable amount of time in the Air Conditioned environment and than venturing out in the hot humid sun in Delhi.
NOTE to my friends coming to India for treks: I have been a bit too careless about myself as I wanted to suffer from all the diseases that one has the probability of experiencing after coming to India. I did this in order to regain my immunity to indian stuff ... lols (you might consider it as bad logic, but it works for me .. lols) BTW folks, don't worry, I will take good care of you guys and will guide you well.

I had an excellent short trek ... I loved it, I will post the photos as soon as I finish doing some PP on them. I am having a great time over here, meeting my old friends/Networking (I have already got something like 45 contacts on my mobile, so you can well imagine the kind of networking I have been doing lately). I got some excellent maps from Survey of India and I also finally got the kind of mobile service that I was striving for, so you guys can contact me on my mobile whenever you feel like.


Blogger RoseDust said...

Hey Sarju!

WOW, what an adventure. I am jealous. It sounds like you are alive and having a great time. I am glad. Can you bring me back something from India? That would be neat.
I love the photos you have posted so far on your trekearth site. NICE. Especially the one of you in your element. Beautiful area. Well, that is all for now. Cheers and stay safe and have fun!

1:08 pm  
Blogger Sarju said...

good to hear from you.
Of course I will definitely keep you in mind on my gift list.
btw ... do you want me to bring an indian groom for you ... lols
cheers from India ... sarju

11:10 am  

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