Sunday, November 05, 2006

Delhi - Agra

Some people find it hard to believe but this year was the first time that I visited Taj Mahal. Yes I was born in India and I have travelled quite a lot in India, but I mostly restricted myself to the mountains only.
Chris and Yvan did the Delhi-Agra circuit by themselves as they were leaving India before Nathalie. They went through a lot of troubled waters. To read about thier ordeal, check out Chris's Blog. Me and Nathalie who travelled together for the last week, did'nt really had any serious issues as everything went pretty smoothly.

Contemplating on how to get train tickets @ Restaurant in Delhi

Getting the train tickets for Agra: This is a normal line up for getting an advanced ticket for a train. For current tickets, line up is usually much worse.

Train Ride to Agra: yes it was pretty comfortable 200 km in 2 hours (In India, it is quite a feat) and the food was soo yummy

Tombstone at Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri

The Taj Mahal @ Agra

Meditating at Taj: Silhoutte of a muslim woman meditating in front of the Taj :-) .. BTW Its the one and only Nat

Nathalie coming from the changing room?: Don't ask me the story here ... ask Nat what she was doing behind those clothes.

Nathalie's Last Dinner @ Delhi: My friends from Delhi joined us, watch out Nat in the mirror having a go at the dosa.


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