Sunday, November 05, 2006

TREK: Padam to Phugtal

Finally after 24 hours in the flight from Toronto to Delhi, 17 hour bus ride from Delhi to Manali, and than 6 days of jeep safari from Manali to Padam (Total of 14 days inclusive of acclimatization at different altitudes), we started our trek to the Phugtal Monastery. It was another four days of walk before we made it to this fantastic monastery set in the rock face.
This is what Chris had to say about trekking in Zanskar "I'll never forget the stunning, stark beauty of Zanskar. It has truly touched me. There's so much more, so many things to tell". For more dose, you can check the last paragraphs of his blog.

Star Trails: I got this shot on the first day of the trek. Observe the Chorten in the village.

Nat and Julie helping out the family with their skills in Cooking

Kids in the Kitchen of the family we stayed with at Ichar Village. They were doing thier homework from school, or just playing around.

Purne: Where a silty stream from Shingo La meets the turquoise waters of the Tsarap River

On the way to Phugtal

Photo Credit: Nathalie

Banks of the River Tsarap, enroute to Phugtal

Nat doing what she does best i.e. Interacting with locals ;)

The Maple in India: A young local kids showing their affection to the maple leaf. Photo Credit: Nathalie
Just a moment away: Last curve before the first glimpse of the Phugtal Monastery

Finally the jewel of all the monasteries in Ladakh.


Blogger Wanderer said...

dude i need ur help ... how log is the trek from padum to Phugtal .. can i return to padum the same day

11:17 am  
Blogger Saurabh Sabikhi said...

@wanderer - Buddy, you would need a few days to return. A day won't just be enough for this.

4:47 pm  

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