Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kullu Dushehra

Dushehra is a Hindu festival that signifies the victory of good over evil, yes ... (Hindus have been talking about the evil doers for a looooong time before Bush got a hang of it). Dushehra is usually celebrated in most of India for one day only but in Kullu valley (aka the valley of Gods) it takes another dimension. This festival lasts for one week in which Devtay (dieties) from many villages in and around the Kullu valley are brought together to Dushehra ground in Kullu. Bringing the diety from a village to this central location can involve many days of walking for the villagers/devotees. This year there were devtay from more than 200 villages spread all over Himachal.
Different aspects of the festival: This festival has religious, cultural as well as entertainment, financial/market components. I would have liked to go to some details to explain the significance of Kullu Dushehra (For now i will just let my photos do the talking).

Dieties (Devtay) from different villages being carried to the Kullu Dushehra ground.

The Crowd watching the procession of the diety of Raghunathji (The most important and sacred diety of this festival)

Maut ka kuan (Well of death): Daredevils performing their stunts with minimal safety. In case someone has doubts, I wanted to mention that the guy in the red shirt is the one driving the car.

Safe? The guy with a stripes on shirt was collecting money from the hands of people watching this show at the same time as driving.

Reaction: Nat's reaction to the acts of daredevils.

Cultural Performance at Dushehra: These dancers were from the state of Bihar in India.

The Sweet vendors at the festival.


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